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Panda Researchis a company that pays cash for surveys completed by its members. Started in 2004, this company is owned by A&A Marketing located in Buffalo Grove, IL. Members have the opportunity to complete surveys after which they are rewarded with compensation. The amount paid varies with each survey. Payments range from $1 to $75. Surveys are geared to each member based on the information provided to Panda by the client. Membership is free and the client is free to provide information or not. Clearly the more details provided, the client is able to be attached to more surveys. Surveys include many areas of interest including:

  • Beverages
  • Commercial Previews
  • Magazine Covers
  • Shopping Surveys
  • Product Trials
  • Service Quotes
  • Area Surveys of Retail Locations

Panda pays through Pay Pal only, so a member needs to belong to this organization to be paid. The company pays out only $50 payments at a time. Each payment is verified by telephone and takes about 30 days to process. Nonetheless, a regular user of Panda can build this amount up in a surprisingly short time. Some Panda surveys involve the opportunity to purchase products or service. Members have the opportunity to cancel these services during the initial 30-day window. Panda only allows one account per household. For those who are diligent about their surveys, Panda is an easy way for someone with internet access to earn extra money.

Panda Research: What makes it different?

Members of Panda Research earn the following benefits:

  • Ability to earn money for taking a variety of surveys and participating in product trials
  • Opportunity to view and participate in preparation of new products for retail
  • Opportunity to learn about new and different products and give opinions on retail displays
  • Ability to beta test products before they come on the market and before they are advertised
  • Ability to choose among various options from well known manufacturers as a special client
  • Chance to participate in special retail offers available to only members of Panda
Panda Research vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Panda Research)

Opinion Outpost:  This company pays its members for completing surverys.  The surverys vary in kind and with the member.  Bought in the last year by another company, the company pays out cash to PayPal or e-cards from Amazon.  Payment is allowed after a member builds up $5 in points (50).  Those who qualify for surveys can do well at this site.  Some members complain that there are less surveys after their purchase by SSI which owns the SuveySpot and Opinion World.

Global Test Market:  Global provides its members with payment for participating in surveys and panels.  Global accepts world wide membership and is now over 5 million members.  Surveys award the member points and once points reach a certain level (1000) the member can apply to be paid by check.  The check takes about six weeks to reach the member.  Some long time members state that the amount of surveys has been reduced in recent months.  Some surveys only pay to enter a member drawing.  These are usually surveys about member's backgrounds and opinions.

My View:  This business uses surveys to serve the marketing needs of their various clients.  Membership is free, and members are directed to surveys that seem appropriate to their interests, age and income levels.  Payment is in the form of Visa gift cards or other items of the members choice.  Each survey is awarded points, even the surveys that members screen out of.  Eventually the points can be redeemed for payment by the member.

Panda Research: Pricing & packages

Pricing in the case of surveys is different than other competitors.  Since most memberships are free, there is no initial price involved.  If a member decides to accept a trial offer from a company, then there may be a charge involved, but this varies with each offer.  Panda Research uses both surveys and member offers to each points.  Global Test Market does more surveys on average, but this are not available every day.  My view does both and offers points for views to their site.

In the beginning, all of these sites usually have many offers available because you have not been on the site.  After the initial period, these offers often slow down.  Still a member can add to their income without leaving home and at little cost to theirself.  These sites are nice for shut-in folks with time and computer knowledge. Plus, they can earn some more than likely sorely needed income.

Panda Research has some great offerings for many people.  Each member needs to see how it will work for them.  Another important point is that the surveys vary with the companies Panda is currently supporting.  This can change at any time, so areas of interest vary.  There will be periods of low amounts of surveys.  On average though, most people are able to earn money with this site.  This money earned is more than all members started with and is most likely more productive than simply watching repeats on television.

It is also important to understand how this site works.  Each survey has to be rated okay by the company involved before Panda will pay out the fees.  Make sure that all the requirements have been complied with.  They can change for each survey, and no one wants to spend hours on a survey only to find that they did not qualify for the points in the end.

Panda Research: Product images & screenshots
Panda Research Coupons
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Panda Research: Customer reviews & comments

Here is some customer feedback on this site. The first customer comments are from the Panda Research website.

  • As a nineteen year old college student money is tight. Panda research is an easy way to help pay for my books, and the products I get help me save even more money! Unlike other sites Panda Research surveys pay in large enough amounts that they make a difference. I've been using Panda for over a year now and I love it.

Randee Woods - Oregon

  • Panda Research is one of the best survey sites. You can request your money when you get $50 in your account. The product surveys are great, you get to keep the products and get paid for trying them. It's great for stay at home mothers and anyone who wants to make extra money doing surveys from the comfort of their own home. Panda Research has a great support team if you have any questions or concerns. The extra money has been great for me especially with this hard economy. Thanks!.
Amanda Beitzel
Here are some other reviews from  Other all, these users rated the company 2 out of 5 stars.  It does seem that many people who posted waited until they had a problem, then commented on it.  Here is an example of the comments:
  • Panda Research is what I believe is called a "lead-gen" site. Unlike a real survey panel, in which marketers seeking to gauge the layout of the market pay members of the public to provide them with the information they need, Panda Research works on affiliate commissions; companies often have affiliate arrangements, where a separate person or company refers traffic to them in exchange for a percentage of each sale.
  • Panda Research is completely legitimate. If you are upset because you got billed for something, that's your own fault! They tell you upfront, before you choose which surveys to take, which ones are free and which ones are offers you have to buy. If you don't want to do the offers, and only the free surveys, THEN ONLY DO THE FREE SURVEYS! It's pretty simple!
  • Just got paid $54 from Panda and on time. After i submitted for payment, got a call next day from support confirming my paypal account and got the payment on the 2nd of this month in my paypal account.
  • It is all a scam and waste of your time. I created a test email account on gmail and i signed up for panda research with it. Then did a couple surveys and and now the email account is being flooded with over 300 junk emails a day.
  • Panda Research seems to be a mixed bag, but many people do well and earn income.  Users should be organized and cancel any accounts on the days needed and keep records.  Clearly patience is required and payment is not going to be fast.  It does seem a regular user can generate some income using Panda Research.
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I have not tried Panda, thank-you for the information here Teresa.

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